Lord let your creatures


I dreamed I was in a Motel in Macao,

A bride in my bed, I didn’t know how

It was her honeymoon not mine her honeymoon not mine


Trying to make love, led by the nose

Trying to get rid of her clothes

The more I stripped her off the less she was     NAKED

Then I finally wanted to kiss her lips

But when I reached for ‘em, they disappeared

Under a piercing so huge I nearly            FAINTED

(Ride, ride, ride, let me see all your demons inside)


When we ordered breakfast for two

A gang of waiters kept on bringing food

More than a man could ever try to         EAT

Then they came, her mother in law

Her wicked sisters her aunt and her mom

They gathered round and ate it all

(Ride, ride, ride, I can see the demon inside)


I kept on thinking about the phone

And kept on thinking about the time zone

All I had to do was to fly back home

All I had to do was to crawl back home

Lord let your creatures rise and fall again

Lord let your creatures fall and rise again