Jun 28

BLUESBUNNY Indipendent Music Review - 23 December 2008


There was a time. Yes, there was a time when musicianship was important. A band wouldn't release a record until they got it right. None of those half arsed demos that escape into MySpace like they do today. Hope you like it? Hope you can remember it 30 seconds after it has finished, more like.

Whilst listening to this album by Les Trois Tetons - who turned out to be Italian although you'd never guess - the first impression gained was that this album did not appear to be a modern album. The essence of seventies rock music has been distilled into this particular music potion and there's plenty of hardcore guitar to enliven tracks like "Useful Servants" and "Disappear". However the best thing about this album was the variety on show. Maybe it was a side effect of drawing on the most creative part of rock's history for influences but this album keeps you interested right through to the end. For example, "Surrender to the Joy" even turns this band unexpectedly towards REM territory before "Cherry Red" and "Can't Be Trusted" add some Tom Waits style sleaze.

Music as it used to be done. Music as it should be done. This album shows Les Trois Tetons as a band of many classic rock influences but it also shows them as top class musicians who make the kind of music that gets your foot tapping just like it did when you were young, dumb and full of beer. It's good time music but it will still accommodate those civilised tastes that you may have acquired over the years.

The final test of any good rock album is the air guitar test. This one passed with flying colours.

Best enjoyed with Jim Beam.