May 25

Live CD - "Unplugged? Almost"

NEW CD, recorded live at the "Beer Room", on February, the 27th, 2015. Listen to "Useful Servants"


1. Useful Servants (free download)

2. Thirteen Feet Under The Ground

3. Disappear

4. Walk on the Wild Side

5. Fisherman’s Blues

6. No Expectations

7. As I Walked Out

8. I Won’t Be Back For Xmas

9. Waiting

10. Sweet Dancer

11. Lullaby

12. Don’t Trust The Mirror

13. Stocking Feet Boogie

14. My Babe

15. All Along The Watchtower (Watch the Video)

16. After The Laughter

17. Peculiar

18. Throne Made Of Bones

19. Almost Cut My Hair

20. Bonus Track: “Rambling with Guido at Midnight”

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