Oct 31

"Red Scares Me" New Album Featured

Les Trois Tetons will release their brand-new studio album Red Scares Me on November 17 2017; their first in three years.

Produced by the band and recorded with the help of a bunch of wonderful guests; Mark Harris on keyboards, Fabio Biale on violin, Lorenzo Piccone on various string instruments and backing vocals, and Serena Sartori on vocals, Red Scares Me is their most exploratory recording yet, comprising 10 songs with Les Trois Tetons’ trademark rocking sound set to different styles with echoes of folk, pop, country, funk and world music.

Red Scares Me Track listing:

  1. Lord, Let Your Creatures
  2. Wind Of May
  3. My Stolen Money
  4. When You Lie
  5. Anna Viola
  6. All The Way To Peking
  7. Ten Years
  8. Shelter In Love
  9. Everything Seemed
  10. Madeleine